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Carla Rieger

Carla Rieger empowers conscious entrepreneurs to create personal marketing presentations that magnetize your tribe. She helps you dissolve limiting beliefs and anchor in supportive ones so you can step up in the world in a much bigger way to make a difference. Her coaching is both strategic and intuitive, connecting you to your life purpose so that you can be sustainable financially, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Find her online at carlareiger.com.

Positive Thinking for Positive Profits

You wouldn’t think negativity was such a conversation-starter, would you?

When asked, most people want to believe they’re the type to focus on the positive things.

That is the ideal.

We all know consciously that it’s what we should aim for, but think about it the next time you’re talking to someone. How often does your mind jump to something negative, which you then bring up, even if it’s just to bond with others over complaining about that thing? It’s perfectly normal, enough so that we don’t usually think about it – but it’s also telling.

One of the biggest energy vampires in our midst is what I like to call “negative focus.”  If you’re like me, you can get easily sucked into it.

Sometimes, it goes like this:

You see somebody you know well and you say, “How’s it going?” And they say, “Not so well, I have a cold.” And if you’re like me you might be tempted to say, “Oh yeah… I think I’m going to need a root canal.” And they reply with something like, “That sucks. Hey, did you hear that this coffee whitener causes brain tumors?” “No kidding? I heard this new carpeting is linked to foot cancer.”

And it goes on from there. You build a mutual bond of misery.  And it can really drain your energy to have those kinds of conversations.  It doesn’t mean you don’t take action when needed, but to dwell on the negative is a great way to adversely affect all areas of your life.

Research shows negative focus in one area of life can affect ALL other areas. A wide variety of university research studies have now proven that negative focus affects all areas of your life. For example, if you dwell on the state of the economy it might make you more likely to catch a cold. If you dwell on what you dislike about your boss, it can make you less resourceful when faced with a client issue. In other words, all kinds of negative focus adversely affects your health, productivity, creativity, and happiness. In fact, negative thinking is directly linked to digestive problems, allergies, moodiness, and ADHD. Over the long term negative focus has been linked to financial problems, poor relationships, depression, suicide, cancer, and dementia.  And yet, despite all this research, many people still get stuck there regularly.

Why people let negative thoughts run their life. If you think a certain thought often enough it can become like a program in your mind. Then it can run on autopilot the rest of life until you change it.

The mind is full of programs for good and useful things, and also for bad and destructive things. For example, knowing how to tie your shoes or drive a car are both useful programs. Without the mind’s ability to go on autopilot like this you would have to relearn those things over and over again. The down side is that your mind can also store programs that undermine your success in life and create phobias. For example, if you once forgot your lines in a school play and the other kids made fun of you, this may have stored a program in your unconscious about fear public speaking. As an adult, when you have to speak to a group you freeze up, which affects your health, your career success and on it goes.

Consciously imprinting a better program changes everything. The human mind tends to be like Velcro for negative experiences and Teflon for positive ones.

Neuroscientists say this is a primitive brain response.

Our brains are not totally evolved to be in synch with modern times. For example, if you touch fire and burn yourself, the brain imprints that experience deeply so you don’t do it again. If you see a great sunset, the brain doesn’t see this as necessary for your survival so it won’t imprint it so deeply. The problem with this kind of mind system is that humans tend to remember many more negative experiences than positive ones, giving you the overall impression that life is dangerous and unpleasant. Whereas, if you imprinted the positive memories as much as the negative ones you would notice they probably far outweigh the negative.

The mind will base expectations about the future on past experiences. So, if you have more positive memories imprinted, you expect a better future. If you expect a better future you are more likely to be confident, relaxed, and creative about how to deal with challenges.

3 tips for breaking free:

Luckily, the brain is very malleable and you can remold itself as necessary. That is best done by installing new software, or positive memories, in your brain that will override the old programs. Here are 3 tips for doing just that:

1. Look for the silver lining: The next time something challenging happens ask yourself, “What’s good about this situation?” Every challenge has a good side if you look for it.

Questions like this will direct your mind away from just the negative and allow you to view it from a positive perspective as well. This can be an invaluable habit that leads you to a better life because you will see opportunities that other people are missing.

For example: Someone hacked my Gmail account and sent a message saying I was mugged in the UK and needed money sent to a bogus email address. It was sent to all the people I had ever sent a message to on that account, so at least 500 people. I had to spend hours dealing with it. I finally asked myself, “What’s good about this situation?” My answer? I got to reconnect to people I had been out of touch with for a long time, which I loved doing. 2. Really think about what’s good: Put a notepad next to your bed, and each night before you go to sleep write down 8 things you appreciated about your day.

It only takes a minute and can imprint the good memories in your unconscious.

Hundreds of people have reported to me that after just 21 days they noticed symptoms such as moodiness, low motivation, and even physical pain in the body decrease significantly.

For example: Just write out 8 things you appreciate about yourself, others or life circumstances each evening, such as:

  •   My relationship with my kids

  •    De-cluttering my desk

  •    Managing to fix my computer problems

  •    My health is better today

  •    My recent vacation was wonderful

  •    My job is interesting right now

  •    Seeing my hockey team win

  •    Having a roof over my head

3. Choice Repatterning: Doing the activities above can produce amazing results. And, if you want to make sure your goals manifest in a big way as soon as possible, I highly recommend listening to the guided meditation everyday. This is a recording that you would listen to for 15 minutes every day for 30 days. It helps you imprint positive programs in your unconscious mind and dissolve away limiting beliefs, so that you are more likely to achieve your goals.

These can be goals such as:

  •         a health or weight loss goal

  •        improved sales and performance at work

  •        more clarity about what’s next in your life

  •        a better relationship with a key person in your life

  •        moving on from a setback in life

         …and much more. Chances are that if you have an issue in your life it is because you have an unconscious program working against you.

Choice Repatterning is like installing better software in your internal computer so that it overrides the bad programs—creating a life that is more fulfilling to you.

So don’t let negativity permeate all areas of your life just because our brains are wired for it.

Negativity isn’t inevitable!

Wiring can be faulty, and when it is, it’s rewired for better functionality.

You can do the same for yourself! Make the healthy choice to root out those negative impulses when they come, and consciously turn your mind to focus on the positive silver linings instead. Soon, that will become the new normal for you – you actually will be the kind of happy, positive person you want to be, and you won’t ever look back.

*Repurposed by Amy Kisaka, a staff writer for Goddess Connections publications Women Who Run It and How to Put the Fun Back Into Dating.