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From the Women Who Run It editorial team. Resources that have inspired us and will impact you.

The Desire Map Danielle LaPorte’s goal setting masterpiece. “Most life-planning tools focus on external attainment and results… Except that most goal-setting systems fail to harness the most powerful driver behind any aspiration: your preferred feelings; and they foster an uptight determination that can keep us from the vitality we crave.” “The Desire Map program is changing all of that. You could call it holistic life-planning. The inner meets the outer. The spirit drives the material.” Learn more >>>>        
Sexy, Juicy, Joyful: Energy! Dr. Sara Gottfried, author of New York Times bestselling book “The Hormone Cure” presents her private 28 Day program to get energized! Sexy, Juicy, Joyful: Energy!
  • Boost Your Energy!
  • Discover Your Hormonal Clues!
  • Get Deep Support While Going Incognito!
Learn more >>>>  
Lead Live Love Lead Live Love is a FREE gift from the Women Who Run It team. “Lead Live Love will give readers the best tips on how to be a successful leader, live a healthy life, love prosperously, and truly become a woman who runs it in every aspect of their life.” Click Here – FREE eBook!        
Vega Brendan Brazier is a former professional Ironman triathlete and two-time Canadian 50km Ultra Marathon Champion. He is now a successful performance nutrition consultant, the bestselling author of the Thrive book series and formulator of the award-winning line of plant-based Vega nutritional products. “Plant-based foods are rich in antioxidants, essential vitamins and minerals, enzymes, fiber and phytonutrients. Countless studies support their many health benefits. Vega products are made exclusively from plant-based, whole food ingredients.” Learn more >>>>  
5 Dating Disaster eBook From the editors of How To Put The Fun Back Into Dating 5 Dating Disasters Women Make on their First Date “There are five dating disasters most women make on the first date that ultimately costs them a second…In this eBook, learn how to avoid the dreaded five to save your date before it even happens!” Click here to get your FREE eBook!  
Wins McDonald Wins McDonald is the man that runs the team that is responsible for ALL the back-end of our sites: graphic design, SEO, eCommerce, infrastructure strategy … the list is endless. We couldn’t operate without his guidance and his team’s invaluable expertise! You can find his team by email at va@inspireincomeimpact.com       Email 3i Team >>>>