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Meet the Experts

Fiona FineFiona Fine

Fiona Fine is a “woman who runs it” and dating expert in her early 50s. After a long, unfulfilling and unsatisfying relationship and years in the corporate world, she decided to put the pleasure back into her existence and to start living life purely on her own terms. She is the founder of Goddess Connections and started the revolution: “HowToPutTheFunBackIntoDating.com” to help women turn their dating/love lives around. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of “Women Who Run It: Your Life – Your Love – Your Terms!” a magazine that advocates for women like her; strong, successful, super-achieving ‘alpha’ women who want to stop the frazzled time-sucking search for information and discover the fastest path to the money, career, health, relationships, even SEX of their dreams. You can find Fiona at http://GoddessConnections.com home of http://HowToPutTheFunBackIntoDating.com and https://womenwhorunit.wpengine.com  

Andréa AlbrightAndréa Albright

Andréa Albright was born into a culture where obesity was common, and throughout her teenage and college years, she lost and gained weight very quickly. This yo-yo dieting slowed down her metabolism and destroyed her self-esteem before she accidentally discovered the body-spirit connection to losing weight. Then the struggle of dieting, along with all the extra body fat, slipped away – and it has stayed off for over ten years. Now, as a healthy size 2, she shows you the steps to losing weight. The healthy, 100% natural way is by ‘counting chemicals not calories’ and building a body-spirit connection inside you that inspires you to live a healthy life every day. Get your free subscription to her online e-Letter ‘Weight Loss Secrets That Last’ on her web site. For more information about her fitness tips and her services visit: http://www.AmazingBodyNow.com.  

Danielle LaPorteDanielle LaPorte

Danielle LaPorte is a professional speaker, entrepreneur, and expert on desire. She’s fueled by combining her passion of strategy, intelligence, and desire into creating her own success as an author of The Desire Map and The Fire Starter Sessions. Entrepreneurship has been her back door approach to having conversations about consciousness. All that fire starting and hustling brought her to a place where she’s simply more interested in love, and how to apply it in any given situation. These days, most of her philosophizing is about what she considers to be the most creative force in the universe: Desire. She’s curious about our relationship to “wanting”, and how we create lives that we love living. Professionally-speaking, she once ran a future studies think tank in Washington DC, and started her own communications company. She skipped college, raised money, wrote books, learned to speak multimedia, and generally learned everything she knows through bursts of obsession. To find more about Danielle, visit http://www.DanielleLaPorte.com/.  

Gary Null, Ph.DGary Null, Ph.D

Gary Null, Ph.D, an internationally renowned expert in the field of health and nutrition, is the author of over 70 best-selling books on healthy living and the director of over 100 critically acclaimed full-feature documentary films on natural health, self-empowerment and the environment. He is the host of “The Gary Null Show”, the country’s longest running nationally syndicated health radio talk show which can be heard daily on http://ProgressiveRadioNetwork.com. Throughout his career, Gary Null has made hundreds of radio and television broadcasts throughout the country as an environmentalist, consumer advocate, investigative reporter and nutrition educator. More than 28 different Gary Null television specials have appeared on PBS stations throughout the nation, inspiring and motivating millions of viewers. He originated and completed more than one hundred major investigations on health issues resulting in the use of material by 20/20 and 60 Minutes. Gary Null has channeled his passion for natural health and extensive knowledge of nutrition to create a truly exceptional line of health products that have helped thousands of people experience optimum health naturally. To find out more, visit: http://www.GaryNull.com.  

Luanne Pennesi
Luanne Pennesi

Luanne Pennesi , a registered nurse practicing for nearly 30 years in both conventional and integrative medicine, is the new rising star in the field of natural health, sharing information that motivates people to take back their personal power and lead happier more productive lives at ANY age. Pennesi has helped countless people make sense of “alternative” approaches to health and anti-aging and to take control over their health and longevity naturally through the practical application of real time, common sense, scientifically based information. She has been named 2006 Person of the Year by Peak Potentials, which is the home of the prestigious Millionaire Mind Intensive. Having had an extensive clinical and administrative background in Adult medicine and Oncology (cancer) nursing, Luanne knows first hand the devastating effects of chronic stress, leading a toxic lifestyle, developing chronic illnesses and enduring the long term, debilitating side effects of many conventional medical therapies. For more information, visit http://www.MetropolitanWellness.com/.  

Mama GenaMama Gena

Regena Thomashauer (Mama Gena) is a revolution: an icon, teacher, author, mother and one of a handful of pioneers on the planet researching the nature of pleasure and dedicating her life to the discipline of pleasure and fun. Regena is self-taught in the social, cultural and economic history of women including the ancient Goddess religion, which dominated for 30–50 centuries of recorded history. She uses her more than fifteen years of research and her knowledge of female pleasure to open doors for women today by giving them a context in which to maximize their power, passion, enthusiasm and creativity. The result is the Womanly Arts Mastery Program, a unique 6-month course, which has helped hundreds of women discover the power of pleasure and create their dreams. For more information on Mama Gena, you can visit http://www.MamaGenas.com/.  

MaryEllen TribbyMaryEllen Tribby

MaryEllen Tribby is the proud Founder and CEO of http://WorkingMomsOnly.com, the world’s leading media company for the empowerment of the working mom and http://MaryEllenTribby.com, the home of her groundbreaking IMag, The CEO’s Edge. Prior to founding WMO and The CEO’s Edge, MaryEllen was Publisher & CEO of Early to Rise where she was responsible for growing the business from $8 million in sales to $26 million in just 15 months. Before that, she served as President of Weiss Research where she led the company to $67 million in sales from $11 million in just 12 months. MaryEllen is a highly sought-after business consultant, speaker, and author. Her first book – which she co-authored with Michael Masterson, is Changing the Channel: 12 Easy Ways to Make Millions For Your Business. It hit #1 on Amazon.com within just 10 hours of its release. To get her hot off the press special report with the exact strategies she uses to build multi-million dollar companies again and again, go to: http://www.InboxEmpire.com/.  

Thomas C. CorelyThomas C. Corely

Thomas C. Corely is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and has a Masters in Taxation. He is President of Cerefice & Company, a CPA firm, and is the CEO of The Rich Habits Institute, an organization that offers Rich Habits training, seminars and education learning sessions. Thom has authored several books including his revolutionary self-help book “Rich Habits” and “The Top 100 Cheapest Places to Retire in the U.S.” book series. He also trains businesses, individuals, and students how to be financially successful in life through his Rich Habits education programs http://www.RichHabits.net.  

Valerie YoungValerie Young

Valerie Young has created her own successful laser brainstorming practice, which is the basis of the first and only training program to teach career coaches, life coaches, or anyone who is an “idea person” how they too can get paid to brainstorm. To date over 250 people from 18 countries have taken her training program on how to become a licensed Profiting From Your Passion® Career Coach. Her career change tips have appeared around the world including in The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, USA Weekend, Inc., Kiplinger’s, Psychology Today, More, Woman’s Day, Readers Digest, The Boston Globe, The Chicago Tribune, Glamour (UK), Grazia (Italy & India), Sydney Morning Herald, The Globe & Mail and her articles have appeared at mega sites like MSN, iVillage, and Careerbuilder.com. In 2008 she signed a six-figure book deal with Random House for The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women: Why Capable People Suffer from the Impostor Syndrome and How to Thrive in Spite of It, now being reprinted in 5 languages.  Learn more about Valerie: http://www.ImpostorSyndrome.com/  

Elisabeth DaleElisabeth Dale

Elisabeth Dale is an internationally recognized breast expert and author of bOObs: A Guide to Your Girls, a humorous and informative book about breasts. She has been featured in The New York Times, Glamour, Cosmo and on Good Morning America, Tyra Banks and NPR. Visit her at http://www.TheBreastLife.com/.  

Patty ContentaPatty Contenta

Patty Contenta began her career in the ballroom dancing community 20 years ago with the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Montreal. As a professional dancer, choreographer, judge, Master Examiner, international traveling dance consultant and owner of the World renowned Arthur Murray Dance Franchise, she has transmitted her passion for dance to students around the world. As founder and author of Sensuality Secrets, a book and DVD set that helps women over 40 who are struggling with their body image feel sexy, feminine, confident and attract quality male attention without looking cheap or trashy. All a woman needs is a few seconds, with simple and subtle alterations in her body language. Patty has become a sought after speaker and radio guest in North America. You can see images and details of her online business on the website: http://www.SensualitySecrets.com.  

Linwood BaileyLinwood Bailey

Linwood Bailey is a career coach, speaker, and author of The Business of Me: Your Job … Your Career … Your Value. His coaching practice, Fields of Success, assists professionals with the management of their most important economic asset—their careers. Linwood brings thirty-four years of business experience to serve his clients and audiences. He is a regular contributor on American Public Media’s “Marketplace Money” radio show and podcast. He is a graduate of Coach University and earned his MBA at Indiana University.  Visit him at http://FieldsOfSuccessCoaching.com/  

Dr. Theresa Dale PhD DNS CCN NPDr. Theresa Dale PhD DNS CCN NP

Dr. Theresa Dale’s interest in non-invasive therapies expanded when she was diagnosed with a uterine tumor at 22 years of age. After healing herself using natural methods, she decided to dedicate her life to helping others to do the same. Dr. Dale has been in private practice since 1980 in the areas of homeopathy, naturopathy, nutrition, magnetic field therapy, and emotional release technologies. Through this website, Dr. Dale carries out her mission of serving humanity by providing resources to enhance your life and optimize your health through award-winning, evidence-based, scientifically proven natural products, free educational materials and self-empowerment.  Learn more about Theresa: http://www.WellnessCenter.net/  

Jean KellerJean Keller

Jean Keller and her team at Keller College Services has worked with over 500 college-bound high school students and their families to get into colleges they love while paying less to make it happen. Tired of seeing too many students settle for less-lesser colleges or lesser careers – all because they and their parents were overwhelmed by the college process and didn’t know how to manage out-of-control cost of college. Using her Smart Plan For College System™, her clients are attending the Ivy League, the local state university and every type of college in-between. All while paying an average of $74,000 less for college.  To learn more about Jean’s programs visit http://www.JeanKeller.com/  

Amy WeintrubAmy Weintrub

Amy Weintrub, Director of the LifeForce Yoga Healing Institute, author of the bestselling Yoga for Depression and the groundbreaking Yoga Skills for Therapists, has been a pioneer in the field of yoga and mental health for over 20 years. She trains health and yoga professionals and offers workshops for everyday practitioners. The LifeForce Yoga protocol is being used in residential treatment centers, hospitals and by healthcare providers around the world. She is involved in ongoing research on the effects of yoga on mood, and has produced an award-winning library of evidence-based yoga and meditation CDs and DVDs for mood management. Amy’s guidance can be found at http://www.YogaForDepression.com  

Dr. Angela DeRosaDr. Angela DeRosa

Dr. Angela DeRosa is on a mission to change the face of Women’s Health and Wellness. With more than 20 years of experience in the medical industry, she is an internationally recognized authority on women’s hormonal health, specializing in the understanding of the changes leading up to and during menopause. Dr. DeRosa is a regular guest on Channel 3’s Good Morning Arizona, The Morning Scramble with Pat McMahon and various radio programs. She writes a bi-monthly column for the Arizona Republic’s “Ask the Expert” feature and is a frequent speaker for the osteopathic medical community on women’s health issues. She is a respected voice in the Osteopathic community; having spoken at the national American Osteopathic Association’s Continuing Medical Education meeting and the Arizona Osteopathic Medical Association’s bi-annual meeting. DeRosa Medical has offices in Scottsdale, Chandler, Glendale and Sedona, Arizona. For more information visit http://DeRosaMedical.com/.  

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Your Name will have your bio here because your are an Expert, Visionary, Thought Leader, Practitioner, Author, Journalist, Speaker or an Amazing Woman Who Runs It. You are passionate about spreading the word and teaching your fellow women how to Lead, Live and Love their best lives. You will also point to your books, products, services, events and your websites here as well.