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The Power of Your Mind: Who’s Really in Control?

The word “mindset” says it all. Your mind is set to think in a certain way, and you absolutely believe it (at least until you choose to change it!) How many times have you heard someone say (or maybe you’ve said it yourself) “they are SO set in their ways!” implying that nothing is going to change them or their mind. They’ve always been this way and they always will be.

Where did you get your mindset?

We all have one. Where did it come from? Did we choose what we believe, or did we download it? Surprisingly, most of our beliefs were picked up (or downloaded) before the age of 7. And, who were the biggest influences in our lives at that time? I’ve listed a few below:

  • Parents

  • Grandparents

  • Teachers

  • TV

So, is your mindset helping or harming your success in business, or just life in general? Your mindset determines the choices you make and how you live your life. We all make conscious choices every day and we also have auto-responses like knee-jerk reactions to certain situations, which is where your subconscious mindset comes in. This subconscious mindset is the one that tries to keep you safe. It protects you from failure, embarrassment, and even death! This is why it is so hard sometimes to change your mind. It’s because of all the fears that your subconscious mind is trying to protect you from.

How do you change this ingrained mindset?

1. Decide to change it!

It sounds so simple. If you are choosing to improve your life, then you’ve got to change gears. That means making new choices.

2. Take Action

That is, NEW action. You know the saying that if you keep repeating the same-old, same-old, you get the same-old results? Well, don’t let yourself fall into your same-old ruts!

3. Move through the resistance and release it.

New actions bring up new emotions and old beliefs only tell us why we can’t or shouldn’t do this. Just push through it and keep repeating your new actions. Eventually you will come into alignment (energetically) with your new choice.

To stay focused until you come into alignment. Here are some things that you can do:

a) Focus on the FEELING – I mean REALLY FOCUS! If pictures help, get them off the internet or from your own photo album. You can even draw pictures if that works for you. Pick something that inspires you, that lifts you up, that excites you. You really want to get the E-motion (Energy in Motion) flowing into it and really FEEL it in every cell of your being!

b) Write about it – Choose inspiring, uplifting words expressed in a way that you connect with.

c) Add all the sensory stuff – like smell, taste, sight and sound. Make it as real as you can.

d) Now, sit quietly and breathe it all in – breathe it into every cell of your being. Become it.

4. See yourself as already having accomplished your dream, desire or new destination.

a) Imagine yourself relaxing in your perfect, safe space alone or with a friend.

b) Look back at your life and what you have already accomplished. See how easy it was once you got it? It was really just a mind shift, a different perspective, re-adjusting and tweaking your energy, your frequency, your vibration, just like tuning into a radio station.

c) You are probably laughing now at how hard you made it and how you blocked yourself in so many different ways.

d) Feel the joyful, fulfilling feelings about having accomplished this and more.

5. Embrace your new self and enjoy your new creation!

Julie Ramige

Julie Ramige, Your Money & Mindset Magician, of RewiredForYourSuccess.com, works with women entrepreneurs helping them clear out the mental clutter and break through the barriers and beliefs that keep them from making the money they desire, having the freedom they want while prospering in their passion. Her goal is to help her clients “Live Their Best Life” by reconnecting with their power, claiming it, living it, loving it and owning it. Julie is also a spiritual intuitive, a master energy therapist and a brilliant connector. She lives in Australia with her partner Aleisha, and their pets, Pissy (cat) and the Pigs (guinea).