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The 5 ‘Secret Sales’ That Power Up Your Presentations

Have you ever wondered what’s going on inside the head of your prospective clients? Ever wondered why some people sit on the fence, seemingly unmoved by your presentation or pitch while others pop their hands up on their own and say “Thank God you’re here! I NEED you!” What helps to tip the scale in your favor? And what could be sabotaging your results?

There are 5 ‘secret sales’ that hide within every single presentation you give.

Knowing them can give you greater control over how people connect, respond, and react to your talk. These secret sales will help in those situations and more! You’ll want to know these secret sales and even more importantly you’ll want to IMPLEMENT THEM into four critical areas of your business which I’ll share with you in a moment. 1. You’re the Expert! Its your job as an expert to assure people that you know your business, and you’re credible. Do this early on in your introduction and your story to build trust.   2. You’re still one of them: Next, balance your expertise with a nice dose of humility! Be sure your audience still identifies with you and relates to you, or you’ll lose the crowd. 3.They can do it: No one is going to grab your hand and embark on a long, hard, scary, mission doomed for failure. Your prospects need to feel that success is possible for them in order to say “yes!”. Consider how you can make your product or services feel simple or “done-for-you”.     4. Show them that others have done it: No one will embark on a journey doomed for failure ALONE IN THE DARK, BY THEMSELVES. So not only do your prospects need hope, they also want social proof that others have survived this journey with you, and been successful! 5. Stand behind it: If you don’t believe in what you’re offering no one else will either. So when you make an offer, do it with 100% confidence and belief. Sometimes you stand behind what you do with your attitude and other times you might do it also with an actual guarantee. KNOWING this is great,  USING IT IS BETTER! Don’t forget, review the 5 ‘secret sales’ as you review your:
  1. Live presentations to individuals and groups
  2. Website copy
  3. Print materials
  4. Phone conversations, teleseminars, webinars
When you cover each of the 5 secret sales in your presentation you’ll watch walls dissolve, connection deepen, and action happen at the end of your talk!

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Kristin Thompson

After a decade of successfully selling advertising for top-rated TV and radio stations, while winning awards at every major station she worked at, Kristin Thompson started a family AND took a giant, risky leap out of corporate America and began consulting for a personal development company, where she learned the speak-to-sell format that changed her life. Now with the launch of her own company at http://www.speakservegrow.com, Kristin now spends time helping people and companies shine a light on their expertise, so that they too can not only speak their mission in a way that is profitable but also serve their purpose in a bigger, brighter way that gains them expert status and greater visibility. And, most importantly, Kristin helps people grow their business, so that they can do what they love and make money!