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It’s time to Grow A Pair!

People deliver bad service and we take it.

We allow friends to say hurtful things to us without speaking up in our own defense.  We let our government – people we elect and whose salaries we pay –  to take advantage of us instead of fighting back by voting them out.  We sit in theaters and let people text, take and make phone calls, and talk loudly to each other like they are sitting in their own living room, and most of us never tell them to shut up.  We watch people throw trash in the street and never say a word to them.

Businesses seem to be run by bad employees with poor work habits and lousy attitudes, because their manager doesn’t have the guts to discipline them or fire their lazy butts.

Sadly, some people don’t even speak up when witnessing a crime, either because they can’t be bothered to, don’t want to make waves, or because they are afraid.

This behavior must stop!  We all need to learn to act with assertiveness, speak up for ourselves, take a stand, and refuse to accept less than the best from others and from ourselves.  In other words, we all need to grow a pair!

Growing a pair is a state of mind, an attitude, and a way of thinking.  It’s about giving up being a victim and taking control of your life at every level.   It is the willingness to do the right thing, even when everyone else is doing the wrong thing.  It has its roots in personal responsibility, accountability, confidence, and integrity.  It’s about establishing a standard by which you will live your life.  It’s about knowing your values, and becoming uncompromising in your willingness to do whatever it takes to stand up for them.

So how do you grow a pair?  Here are five things you can do to stop being a victim and take control of your life:

  1. Don’t whine.  Whining never fixes a problem, it will only prolong the problem.  Stop blaming.  Stop whining.  Get moving!

  2. Become self-reliant.  No one is coming to the rescue and no one should.  You made the mess and it’s up to you to clean it up.  Do what it takes in every area of your life to be in control of your situation.

  3. Don’t allow people to take advantage of you.  People treat you the way you allow them to treat you.  Stand up for yourself and never let anyone belittle you or disrespect you.

  4. Have clear priorities.  Your time, your energy, and your money always go towards what is important to you.  When you are clear on your priorities, everything else will fall into place.

  5. Don’t compromise your principles.  Know what you believe and why you believe it, and never compromise those beliefs and principles for any person, group, or reason.  Principles are not situational; they are lines drawn in the concrete, and are a direct reflection of your integrity.

What will be the result of growing a pair?  You might be called names and told that you are mean, un-compromising, or arrogant.   Sadly, people with a pair are always going to be misunderstood by those who don’t have a pair.  The important thing is that you can be proud of yourself for standing up for yourself.  So forget what others say, and know you are operating from a place of courage, principle, and integrity.  When you do that,  it will result in more success, better service, higher quality relationships, more clarity, confidence, and dignity.  What could possibly be better than that?

Larry Winget

Larry Winget is a five-times New York Times/Wall Street Journal bestselling author translated into over 20 languages. He is a member of the International Speaker Hall Of Fame. He has starred in his own television series and appeared in national television commercials. Larry is also regular contributor on many news shows on the topics of money, personal success, parenting and business. Larry is also the trademarked Pitbull of Personal Development®.Larry is the best combination of credible content as backed up with his five bestselling books and over twenty years of experience speaking to nearly 400 of the Fortune 500 companies. He is known worldwide for being direct, caustic, irreverent, in-your-face and dead-on right! He offers solid advice for improving your life, business, finances and family. Not often do you find someone who can bring solid information delivered in such a refreshing manner who is also funny! Find out more about Larry at www.larrywinget.com.