Super Foods for a Super YOU!

After the holidays or in preparation for a big event (such as bikini season), many go on a “detox”. Juicing is one way to go about this. As always there are healthy and unhealthy routes. A detox does not involve near starvation techniques or only drinking juice cocktail loaded with unnecessary sugars. Instead Dr. Gary Null offers in his book The Joy of Juicing dozens of healthy, satisfying, and filling recipes made with fresh ingredients. However not all of his recipes are for smoothies but even include salads, main dishes, and desserts! Many include the below listed 18 Super Foods. Each one packs multiple nutritious values and supports a healthier you!

Just Click on the PNG image below or Click here for the Health Boosting Properties of 18 Super Foods – PDF Version.
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Health Boosting Properties of 18 Super Foods - PNG


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Claire Higgins

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