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EmpowHER Yourself: An Exclusive Interview with Michelle King Robson

If you found out that something was wrong with you, you’d want to fix it immediately, wouldn’t you? Of course you would. That’s what Michelle King Robson did, but unfortunately, a quick fix isn’t always the answer. At 42 Michelle was sick and told that she needed a complete hysterectomy. Desperate to feel better and […]

Can Women Command A Screen?: A Night with WIFT-Toronto

This past year we’ve seen an amazing group of women grace the silver screen and that showed at this year’s Oscars. While Ellen’s twitter crashing selfie was the talk of the night, something else seemed to catch my attention: Cate Blanchett’s acceptance speech for her role in Blue Jasmine. “Those in the industry who are foolishly […]

Confessions of a Gatsby Wife:Lessons Learned From Losing It All

Do you remember the first time you read The Great Gatsby? Probably in high school before you could ever truly appreciate an American classic, but like many other readers you were probably enamoured by the luxurious lifestyles, intrigued by the social bonds that were made and broken throughout out the novel, and if nothing else, you […]

Balance Your Body

A working woman knows all about balance. From juggling appointments, to taking care of kids, to taking care of herself, she’s always walking a tightrope. Of course she needs to know all about balance. A great way to find your center of gravity? Yoga. Balancing Ourselves The practice of yoga can help us stay connected […]

Where You Should Be vs. Where You Are

We spend our entire lives focused on achievement. We get gold stars in elementary school, trophies in high school, a spot on the dean’s list in college, and promotions at work. It’s all about achievement and we’re all grappling for it. If you work hard you should expect success, right? But what if success doesn’t […]