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Your Path To A Healthier You: Eat Well, Think Well, Live Well We’ve Got you Covered!

 Your Path To A Healthier You:

Eat Well, Think Well, Live Well

We’ve Got you Covered!


Toronto Thursday, June 6, 2013

For all strong, powerful, alpha women the e-mag Women Who Run It: Your Life – Your Love – Your Terms!, is a stepping stool needed to reach your highest potential and success in various areas of life.

We are in the process of profiling four driven and empowered women who are authors and showcase the talents of exemplified leadership. This is all part of the Ultimate Sweepstakes from Women Who Run It. The sweepstakes include giveaways such as the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, Lululemon Athletica fitness accessories and Victoria’s Secret sleepwear.


YOU CAN ENTER HERE AT: http://WomenWhoRunIt.com/Ultimate


In this issue we will be profiling our last and fourth authors, Gary and Shelly Null.  Gary Null along with Shelly Null, Gary’s daughter, are the inspiring authors of The Joy of Juicing: 150 imaginative, healthful juice recipes for drinks, soups, salads, sauces, entrees and desserts. Gary is well-renowned radio host, author and producer of many books and documentaries. Gary also holds a Ph.D. in human nutrition and public health science. His mission in life is to build awareness to people around the world and make sure that they control their health, well being, vitality and longevity.

Also is this issue, we will unveil Gary Null’s secrets to a healthy brain and methods to reverse brain aging. Did you know that as you get older, your brain does NOT get older? Your brain ages according to the lifestyle you adapt to. Find out the secrets behind reversing your brain age and building brain power by reading our next issue!

Finally, also is this issue, we will take a look at 18 “super foods” that will aid in your journey to becoming a healthier you. Remember, a healthy life, is a happy life!


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Khushbu Kapadia

Khushbu Kapadia is currently pursuing a degree in communications and is the editor in chief for her college newspaper. As an intern at Goddess Connections, she is very excited and eager to showcase her work. Her passion for writing has led her to pursue her dream, which is to become a successful journalist; successful not in terms of money and fame, but in terms of truth and accountability.