Why Are There Too Few Women Leaders?

It is a fact that men hold the majority of leadership positions, especially in government and business. Just like last week’s look at women in Supreme Courts across the world, women in leadership are a prized few. In the link provided please explore several interesting statistics about women in leadership today. However, I believe these figures will change as today more women are attending college and earning higher degrees. Just imagine what this up-and-coming bunch will do! They are motivated and have been well advised by those such as Sheryl Sandberg, author of Lean In.

Sandberg urges women to take charge of their careers. Many times women come to a point when they put their careers on hold to start a family. Sandberg urges women to keep working full speed ahead right up to the end rather than slowing down. Think of a race, one runner does not slow down before the finish line, but rather fully runs through the finish…before taking her victory lap. As the women who run it, remember to run smart ladies!

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Why Are There Too Few Women Leaders?

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Claire Higgins

Claire Higgins is a resident of northern New Jersey. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Finance at Mount St. Mary’s University in Maryland. At the Mount she is an active member of Student Government Association holding positions as Advisory Board Student Liaison and Executive Board Treasurer. In her free time she enjoys going for runs and attending spin classes. After graduation, Claire hopes to continue serving the community around her
  • Teraya Smith

    This really put everything in perspective about why there aren’t many women leaders. I think as women we deserve to have it all, including the fabulous career and family. But I can see how there aren’t many leading women from the research. If we continue to underestimate ourselves and focus our success on others instead of ourselves, we’re giving men the advantage. I know it’s not a gender competition, but I think if we want to see more women taking leadership positions we have to adapt a male mindset in the workforce and reach for the top regardless of what else we want in our lives. Work and home life are separate. Men keep it that way and we shouldn’t let it affect us in our goals either.

  • http://www.oliviamainville.com/ Olivia Mainville

    I also think one of the problems is childcare. When it’s not affordable or not available, what choices do you have? It’s either the father or the mother who stays at home, usually the one who makes less money, and will continue to for as long as he/she puts the career on hold.

  • LisaVandenbroucke

    Children seem to be the most important reason why women don’t pursue their careers. Fertility does not last a lifetime and many young women feel the need to put their professional lives on hold in order to have healthy children. Recently, Apple and Facebook have offered a possible solution for this problem by supporting egg freezing. Supporting, not promoting or forcing! If the procedure is safe and reliable, I see possibilities here.