How Far Would You Go to Look Young?

A peculiar new facial treatment that involves real life snails is trending in Japan for women in search of a youthful glow!

According to recent news, salons have been using snails to stimulate regeneration of the facial skin and to heal existing concerns such as wrinkles, sunspots and scarring. The snails are said to have the ability to eliminate dead skin cells and calm inflamed skin.

Several snails are placed onto the facial area for hours at a time, allowing the mucus from the snails to secrete and disperse against the skin membrane. The mucus contains properties that are similar to the ingredients we find in most anti-aging skincare products on the market today.

Among its ability to stimulate regeneration, the combination of its ingredients aid in other skin conditions such as these:

·    Heals existing Acne

·    Soothes Sunburn

·    Removes Dead skin cells

·    Acne Scarring

·    Wrinkles

·    Crows Feet

·    Texture and Tone

·    Youthful Glow

·    Aids in Retaining Moisture

·    Heals Rashes

·    Reduces Redness

The snails are fed a diet of 100% organic vegetables to ensure that the ingredients are in the purest and healthiest form. A one-hour treatment costs around $245 dollars!

You know what “they” say; the best healing comes from nature itself. This is most certainly an all-natural, non-invasive, synthetic free treatment for those looking for a safer alternative to healing their skin(!) While it is currently only being used in Japan, there is no telling how soon it could hit salons all over North America. The question is, how far would you go to get that youthful glow back? Would you try this if it were available?

Everyone is always in search of an anti-aging cure. The Japanese have really s-nailed it with this one!

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Kristen Sobot

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