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A Note to Financial Advisors: 5 Powerful Insights Into How Women Think

Money can be a hard subject to talk about. Honestly, who wants to sit around talking to a stranger about their annual income, their monthly expenses, where they want to invest, and then in the end write a big cheque with money you hope you see again? I truly believe the best way for women […]

Are You Ready to Coach Your Way to a Better Life?

You’ve already heard my story about my experience with coaching, but that’s just one story. One story among the countless of lives that have been changed, people who have begun to see things differently, paths that have been redirected. And here is another. Julie Anne Christoph is a life coach certified through the Institute for […]

Beat the Bloat! The Worst Foods for the Abdomen

Picture this: you’re at the beach this summer, preparing to soak up the sun. You find the perfect spot, set yourself up, take your sundress off and immediately notice that something is wrong. You look down at your stomach and realize that you look about four months pregnant. There goes your perfect tan. You throw […]

From Stressed Out to Super Mom Entrepreneur: An Interview with Carolyn Dickson

Carolyn Dickinson is no run of the mill working mom. She has two children, a thriving business, and she runs a yearly conference to help other women follow in her footsteps. But she wasn’t always living a supermom life. At one point Carolyn was dealing with a colicky baby, postpartum depression, and a career that […]

Why Your Life is Like an App Game- And It’s a Good Thing

Directions are pretty important, right? How would we get anywhere anymore without our precious GPS systems? How would we cook anything without a recipe? Then again, directions can hold you back. They can hinder you, confuse you, and leave you downright stressed out. Think of the directions you get in a piece of IKEA furniture. […]