Magazines And Your Mental Health!

Every day standing in the checkout line or walking by a newsstand we encounter magazines. The glossy pages promise us solutions to problems we may not even know we had (yet are eager to fix such gaffes). Much contained between the cover pages is actually some form of advertising. Photoshopped celebrities line these covers offering us glamorous distortions of reality. But what is all of this doing to your mental health? Check out the link below to see what we uncovered!

Just Click on the PNG image below or Click here for Magazines And Your Mental Health! – PDF.
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Magazines And Your Mental Health! - PNG

Special Thanks to Julija Burcar for the design.

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Claire Higgins

Claire Higgins is a resident of northern New Jersey. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Finance at Mount St. Mary’s University in Maryland. At the Mount she is an active member of Student Government Association holding positions as Advisory Board Student Liaison and Executive Board Treasurer. In her free time she enjoys going for runs and attending spin classes. After graduation, Claire hopes to continue serving the community around her