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How to Become a Woman Who Leads: Stop Holding Yourself Back!

How to Become a Woman Who Leads:
Stop Holding Yourself Back!

Toronto, Sunday, May 19, 2013

Exclusive to Women Who Run It: Your Life – Your Love – Your Terms!, the e-magazine for strong, empowered, driven women we are producing a series on four great authors who exemplify leadership.

This four part series will touch on issues from climbing to the top of the corporate ladder, taking our health into our own hands and altogether living a full life.

This is all part of our Ultimate Sweepstakes from Women Who Run It. Our first giveaway includes  an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite filled with six books by inspiring authors. These authors each hold a different secret on how we can become women who do it all.

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In our first issue we will be profiling author Sheryl Sandberg. Sandberg holds the keys to reaching the top of the corporate ladder and wants to share them with us too.  Not only is she an embodiment of her teachings (she is the COO of Facebook and a highly respected business woman), but she is also a mother of two and happily married woman. You’ll want to hear what this walking success story has to say!

In this issue we will also be exploring multitasking. We’ve been trained to think that it’s the best way to get it all done but the truth turns out to be very different! We’ll tell you why multitasking may not be your key to success and give you the secrets to being more productive in the workplace.

Watch for our series coming out on Mondays starting on May 20th and enter to win the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite filled with six books before June 15th!

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Taylor Brown

Taylor Brown is an Associate Editor at Goddess Connections for the Women Who Run It E-Mag. She graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications Studies. She is a resident of Toronto and she has a passion for exploring topics on health and fitness, and enjoys writing stories about women’s issues. She also enjoys writing about business and how to build a career. When she is not working for Women Who Run It you can find her exploring Toronto, going for jogs, or simply enjoying life as a strong, empowered woman who runs it. Her goal is to share stories that help women of all walks of life take control of their lives and create balance with ease.