Fighting Marriage with Mannequins

Remember those t-shirts?

You know the ones.

The ones that said “Oops! I forgot to get married and have children!”

They poked fun at society’s expectations of women and did so all in the compact space of a few words on a t-shirt.

The message was small but it worked to combat something big.

Unfortunately, things haven’t changed much since those t-shirts first came out because women are still finding ways to fight these norms.

Art Director Suzanne Heintz has just founded a bigger and better way of wearing that t-shirt, she’s done so by dragging around two mannequins for the past 14 years, oh and making a much anticipated documentary about it.

Suzanne has carried around her perfect mannequin daughter and perfect mannequin husband to help her live out societies expectation of the perfect little family.

“It’s always been really hard for me to put into words what I’m doing and why but basically, you can boil it down to the fact that I got really sick and tired of answering the question ‘Why aren’t you married?’ over and over again,” Suzanne shares in the documentary.

Suzanne has not only been a part of her little mannequin family for the past 14 years, but she has dragged them over 10,000 miles to take pictures with them all over the world.

Sounds like a lot of work to make a point doesn’t it?

“Art is supposed to be hard. That’s what makes it worthy of your attention. It’s important,” she went on to say.

Her message is important and it stems around this idea: “I have the right to decide how my life looks, and you know what? So do you! I mean come on, women’s lib was in the seventies. It’s the 21st century and somehow I’m still not right without a ring on my finger.”

Her message is a strong one and an inspiring one that we can’t wait to see play out on film. Until then we’ll just have to laugh, enjoy, and feel inspired by the photos she’s taken with her family.

These photos taken in 1950’s garb look beautiful, but of course there’s always something a little off, much like how marriage must feel and look to those who don’t see it as something that’s of importance to them.

Suzanne’s documentary is one to watch for. Look for part one coming out in March of 2014!

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Taylor Brown

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