Are You Pre-Diabetic? Every Woman’s Wake Up Call: You Could Be ‘Fat on the Inside’

“But diabetes is a fat person’s disease!” you gasp. “How can a successful, professional woman like myself possibly develop diabetes? I’m not overweight at all!” Well, we have news for you, sister. Woman to woman: it’s time to start re-thinking what we know about type 2 diabetes and how it can affect women just like […]

Better Than Barefoot!

For many of us,  the new fad of running barefoot isn’t all that the experts crack it up to be and most of us aren’t going to be jumping off the couch to try it. Here is something better… I love – LOVE – my Vibram Five Fingers though – the new “better than barefoot” […]

The 5 ‘Secret Sales’ That Power Up Your Presentations

Have you ever wondered what’s going on inside the head of your prospective clients? Ever wondered why some people sit on the fence, seemingly unmoved by your presentation or pitch while others pop their hands up on their own and say “Thank God you’re here! I NEED you!” What helps to tip the scale in […]

Go Ahead – Call me BITCH

As you well know, name calling isn’t limited to only kids in the school yard. On the way up the ladder you may have been called many names. My favorite has been the word ‘bitch’ although I have been called many others in 30 years (contact me for the full list ) Even in today’s […]

Why Flirt?

Flirting should be uplifting and fun – to both me as the Flirter and also to the Flirtee. So many men admit to me in my “Men Tell All” interviews that they love when a woman flirts with them – it makes them feel special. They feel seen and appreciated – just as we women […]

A Woman’s Health: Transforming Yourself from the Inside-Out

If you plant a seed, it will grow. There are critical reasons why 95% of diets fail. Including that diets don’t address the inner work of emotions and beliefs that are critical for lasting transformation. Most diets also start with “fixing the body” rather than appreciating and loving it. This is why transforming your life […]