Angels Have the Most Fun

It’s been said many times that bad girls have all the fun. Those leather wearing, hard partying, rock n’ roll ladies may have fun, but we’re sure it can really wear a woman out. We think the true path is the one of the angel. The angel has long been seen as a boring cherub who follows all those silly rules that society has laid out for them but think about another kind of angel, the Victoria’s Secret Angel. These sexy, gorgeous and infectiously fun ladies are who we want to be and we’ll show you why you will find yourself thinking the same!

To begin with, the beautiful Angels are representatives for one of the most amazing companies! Victoria`s Secret began when Roy Raymond found himself embarrassed to buy beautiful lingerie in department stores for his wife. In 1977 he decided to open up his own store in Stanford, California and so, Victoria`s Secret was born. It blossomed into a mail order catalogue and three more stores before being sold to its current owners, Limited Brands. Since Limited Brands has taken over, Victoria’s Secret has become the super brand we know it as today. Thanks to its new owners we’ve seen the birth of the Angels, the first fashion shows, the expansion of the line and Victoria’s Secret’s launch into super stardom.

Since its inception Victoria’s Secret has expanded in many, many ways. It went from being a strictly bra and panties line, to one that includes sleepwear, beauty products, shoes and bathing suits. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion show is one of the year’s biggest anticipated shows and never fails to stun and amaze. The show is responsible for 5 billion dollars in sales for Victoria’s Secret each year. This multi-billion dollar company has even branched into products for the younger crowd with their PINK line. This brand covers all the bases and makes you feel sexy while doing it!

The most impressive thing that Victoria’s Secret has birthed? The beautiful Angels of course! In 1998 when the first angel wings appeared on the runway we could never have guessed that it would have created the phenomena that we know of today. These gorgeous ladies are people that we want to be and we think you’ll want to be just like them too. Let us tell you why!

1. These ladies don’t hold back their sexuality

The Victoria’s Secret Angels aren’t afraid to be sexy. They may be good girls but they also don’t try to hide the fact that they are indeed, women. They wear those beautiful outfits with confidence and a huge smile on their faces. They’re saying “Yeah I’m hot, yeah I’m half naked and guess what, it’s fun!” They keep it classy and fun by blowing kisses at the end of the runway and dancing around the performers on their way to strike a pose. We wish we could be stomping around up there with them while they show off those gorgeous bods.

2. They’re fun!

Don’t you just want to be friends with Miranda Kerr? Or Candice Swanepeol? Or any of those gorgeous ladies bouncing their way down the runway? So often we see models as boring stick figures with monotone facial expressions as they make their way to the end of the runway. The Angels aren’t having any of that. They smile, wave, pose and laugh their way down the catwalk. These ladies aren’t just human clothing hangers, they are half the show!

3. They are amazing career women

The Angels are the original supermodels. They become household names and are able to gracefully glide from one career move to the next. Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks were both able to create and host successful shows afterwards. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley stunned in the third Transformers movie and other models have beautifully graced the covers of Vogue and the like. Besides this, they spend time jet-setting all over the world to promote their brand. Boy they must be tired!

4. They’re great role models

The modeling industry is one that has been known for promoting unhealthy body images. Now, let’s be honest, I’m sure very few of us were born with Behati Prinsloo’s body or even have the ability to achieve it. These women are basically beautiful freaks of nature but it’s not something that they don’t work for. The Victoria’s Secret Angels are frequent gym-goers. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Miranda Kerr and Adriana Lima are just a couple of the ladies who you can frequently find sweating it out inside of a gym.

5. They know that they can have it all!

These ladies do not let their busy careers hold them back from having everything that they want. Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr and Heidi Klum are amazing mothers who quickly found themselves back on the runway after having their babies. Besides their amazing ability to get back into runway shape, you constantly see the Angels who are mothers toting their tots around happily. They all seem like very hands-on mothers. Besides their beautiful babies, these ladies sure know how to catch a stud. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is currently dating super-hunk Jason Statham, Miranda Kerr is married to Orlando Bloom and hotties Adam Levine and Leonardo DiCaprio have dated a handful of Angels between them. These girls are every man’s dream!

So now that we’ve convinced you of how seriously amazing being an Angel is, we want to help you become one! As part of our Ultimate Sweepstakes from Women Who Run it we’re giving away an amazing Victoria’s Secret Prize pack. You get the Modal PJ Set, The AfterHours Satin Pajama Set and the Victoria’s Secret Signature Graphic Sleepshirt. You’ll be climbing into bed looking like your favorite Angel.



Bad girls definitely don’t have all the fun! Angels are sexy, fun, fierce and complete alpha females. We think you’ll find yourself wanting to get into the good books now too!

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